About Mid-South Skate

Mid-South Skate exists to promote and support the skateboarding community in Memphis and the Mid-South.

The skate community in Memphis and the Mid-South has always been active going back to 60s and 70s. There’s always been somewhere to skate in the Mid-South, but in 2011 Memphis’ first public skatepark opened at Tobey Park in Midtown Memphis – the effort was lead by Skatelife Memphis. From there the skate community came together stronger than every before.

In 2016, a group of Memphians started Fluxus Skateboards to produce skateboards that locals could get behind and get stoked on the local scene. Now, a new indoor skatepark called Society Memphis, which opened late 2018, gives us yet another great place to skate in the Mid-South.

In addition to places to skate, there are great places to get your gear. From the classic Cheapskates to the new Contact Skateboard Shop — you have options locally to get your stuff.

With all this positive momentum in Memphis skateboarding, there’s a lot to get stoked about in skating. Grab a board, find a place, and go skate!